John Mulaney is quite possibly one of the funniest comedians of our time, and one of the major reasons is because we as an audience can connect with him on what is perhaps an ethereal level. So, without further ado, here are some things that everyone who loves John Mulaney knows.

  1. My Ability to RelateTM to what he says
    Let me tell you one thing, when John Mulaney said

I felt that. I am the physical embodiment of that very quote.

Not to mention, this one time when he was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he mentioned that when he got the call to play Spider-Ham in the famous ‘Spider-man Into the Spider-Verse’, it was a very sketchy scene. He said that they called him to an undisclosed location and they couldn’t even give him the script- and sure, to him it sounded like the beginning of a kidnapping, but ‘he was free’.
Smh John, Det. J.J.Bittenbinder would be ashamed of you. At least he didn’t go to a secondary location.
Speaking of Bittenbinder, I think all of us can relate when he said:

  1. His Incredible Impersonations
    You would be lying if you said that you didn’t hear them when he impersonated Mick Jagger and Sir Patrick Stewart.
    But his stories and impersonations of Annamarie Tendler were probably the funniest.

And speaking of his wife….

  1. How him and his wife had the religion factor come up because of their dog
    How John Mulaney ‘likes his wife so very much’

Firstly, can we appreciate the fact that they dressed up Petunia in a butterfly costume?

(And the fact that they bought a stroller, not even a pram, a stroller for their dog)

And now, John was raised Catholic and Annamarie was raised Jewish. But let’s be honest, Petunia as Jesus in the last supper would have been TOO cute for any of us to handle.
Despite the religious difference, let’s appreciate the fact that when she is just done with him trying to please everyone, we get:

  1. The fact that he looks and sounds EXACTLY like a 1950’s American Radio Presenter.
    I mean, you all can hear it, right? As for proof of his looking like one, here’s him as he looks normally, but with a black-and-white filter:

Now are you denying that he doesn’t look the part?


  1. His Delivery
    Let us be honest, John Mulaney’s deliveries are just the best! Some of the best moments are when he gives his dramatic pause and gives the audience a ‘There was a Tumblr post about this’. In a particular incidence in his show ‘Kid Gorgeous’ at Radiocity, there was a scene he talked about- how if you left your child at home with your mother, you wouldn’t worry, BUT, if you left your child with GaRy BuSeY!!!
    Now here’s the thing: Do I know who Gary Busey is? No. But was I on the floor laughing my head off? Yes.


In one of his stand-ups, he talked about the best meal he ever had as a child, which just happened to be at the ‘salt and pepper diner’. This was an important event as on this particular day, he and his friend (also John) walked in to find that the diner had a Jukebox. Now, what do two impulsive 11-year olds do when they see a Jukebox? Well, they obviously play Tom Jones’ ‘What’s New Pussycat’ 21 times. But there is a little twist. All the Mulaney fans know what it is, and if you want to, watch the video below:


There are SO many more things that I want to add, but because this is getting way too long, here is a collection of John Mulaney’s lines that I found  i c o n i c.

– Rimjhim Sayana, Amity International School, Noida



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