Through the windows was slipping no light,

Everywhere, only the melancholy darkness of the night.


I loved to sleep, and this was a great opportunity,

But with the Sun gone there was something queer about the city.


I looked around the World, which was utterly confused,

As the biggest bulb of the galaxy had suddenly fused.


And as I imagined a dark world,

Many questions in my mind unfurled-

“Where is the Sun?”

being the major one.


Again, I looked out of my window at the befuddled town,

And in a distant house there was a bright light

which made it look like a splendid crown.


I slipped through the door and followed the light,

And as I reached the house,

I saw rays blindingly bright.


Looking through a gap in the window,

I saw the Sun resting as he tried to repair his flickering light.

And after some talk I became aware that,


Poor bright Sun had been pushed by the jealous dull moon,

And he had fallen on his back from a great height.


 – Asmi Aggarwal, Amity International School, Noida


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