Eyes set upon an Autumn scene,
All life has died down to display something serene,
The appealing dance on the dead shades of yellow beckoning all
The creatures of nature to join into a peaceful slumber, marking the start of the fall

White skies not too bright,
The peaceful calm of the season walks alongside to the right,
The left side filled with rustling leaves that lived their lives,
One is left unsure whether to enjoy peace or suffer in strife

The opening serenade for the harsh winter commences,
The graceful spinning of the yellow leaves to assault our senses,
Mother Nature begins to sleep,
The season’s significance hidden deep

Do I prepare for the harsh winter and snooze?
Do I weep as the thoughts of sorrow let loose?
Do I walk down this path of forest, of dead trees and yellow crunchy carpets?
Do I walk towards the light, trying to grasp it before the sun sets?

Queer about this dry atmosphere,
Everything seems to be dying out, growing my fear,
But I catch a glimpse of life momentarily,
A smile let slip before Mother Nature can sleep merrily

A path now set out for me in sight,
To pave my way into the spring light,
So that I can touch the petals of the newborn flowers,
To nourish myself, counting down the months, weeks, days and hours.


~Mudit Saklani, Grade-12, Amity International School, Noida


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