Every falling leaf,

Filled my heart with grief.

For one day the wind would come and swirl me around,

Making me take flight to the ground.

As I would lie there counting my last breath,

Children would walk over me, trying to trample me to death.

Their steps would tread me black,

And then a giant man would fill me in his sack.

He would throw the sack in his vehicle,

And make the tyres roll,

He would press the horn many a time,

As if in a hurry to bury my soul.

My end would be a new start,

For I will be used to enrich a new plant,

And now I welcome my end,

For my last breath,

Would lead to a new birth.

And maybe after many incarnations, I arise from the Earth,

Making someone’s end my birth.


-Asmi Agarwal, Grade 9, Amity International School, Noida


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