Luminous lights, burning bright

Somehow, they never blinded me

Perhaps, because I’ve always tried

To surround myself with shadows

I can feel them swirling around me

‘round and around

till I get lost in them

till they wrap around me

suffocate me

I can feel their rage whispering in my ears

Their temper so charming

so enchanting

as they pull me down

and down

and down

and down

and I close my eyes

but I still see them

even when I close my eyes

I see them as I fall

deeper and deeper

I keep falling and falling

till I hit the ground


it’s just another shadow

and now they’re closing in again

so I never escape

so I’m surrounded

by blacks and greys

standing alone,

no soul in sight

the shadows around me

weaving, securing

cocooning me into a dress

until it clings to me like a second skin

it protects me from the world

from the light all around

as warmth blooms in my heart

and my soul curls up

into itself

and I succumb to sleep


~Vrinda Rastogi, Amity International School, Noida

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