“ACTION!” he yelled loud and clear,

The director’s voice cut through like a spear.

Into motion it set the lighting crew,

Who bathed the stage in sunset’s vibrant hues.

The actor stood up, personifying his character,

As he looked into the actress’ eyes that shone silver.

Beside the director stood a stunt team,

Tired out from the day’s schemes.

A prompter stood, his words voiced through the actors,

Along with the actions of various choreographers.

The musicians and arts team observed carefully,

Ready to blend in their efforts seamlessly.

The producer stood alongside the effects unit,

Visualising the final scenes moonlit.

The actress ended on a proclamation earth-shaking,

Her emotions so flawless they would leave an audience quaking.

The cinematographers focused their cameras, 

Capturing perfectly the notions of the writers.

“AND CUT!” the director’s voice boomed once more.

Over a crescendo of instruments galore.

He gently stood and called it a day,

As he sent looks of gratitude in everyone’s way.

The cast and crew dispersed as friends,

Over many a meal and much time spent.

The video recorder finished uploading,

Its lengthy films sent through layers of editing.

So nondescript yet a big part of it all,

A device so paramount yet so small. 

And as we appreciate through our eyes,

We must pay heed to the prize hard strived.

For beyond the lens of the camera,

Lie many more wonders of cinema


-Yashasvini Verma, Amity International School, Noida


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