“What’s the time?” you ask me
And wait for me to look at my silver watch
That my mother gave me
As my father, an ardent Shakespearean, quoted,
“For those who love, time is eternal.”

So you wait, looking at me.

I look up to you
And hold your gaze
Because I don’t want to look at the watch
Because I don’t want to know what the time is
Because I am scared that it may be time for you to leave
I don’t want you to leave.

So I look up at you, in your dark brown eyes
Trace your face all the way down to your lips
Then down to our hands, still intertwined
Not looking at the watch
As I try to understand how I can make time stop
How I can make you stop
How I can hold this moment longer
For once you are gone, who knows when you’ll return
When will I meet you again?
Because eternity may belong to us, to our love
But who is to say that we will belong to each other, forever?

Time stops with you, I want to say
That a watch can’t measure
The three hours that feel like only ten minutes when I am with you
That I don’t want you to go
That I wish you could stay a little longer.

But maybe you realize all that
Or just grow impatient
As you ask me yet again
“What’s the time?”
And I finally look at my watch, and smile wistfully
As I say
“Time for us to part, when will we meet again?”



-Atipriya Dev Sinha, Amity International School, Noida


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