What this world lacks desperately is creativity. With an abundance of mainstream ideas and competition, there is a rush to find new inspiration. People travel to different cities, countries, simply to gain a sliver of inspiration, but have you ever heard about travelling to space for it? It may sound very wacky, but it isn’t, especially because one such journey will soon become a reality.

We gaze from the Earth, at the beauty of the moon and wonder what it has to offer up-close. As artists, of different forms, can you imagine how the moon will inspire you?

Japanese Entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa is producing an extraordinary art revolution, where different artists from Earth will go to the moon for a week-long journey. The passengers will include a musician, a painter, a dancer, a director, and many more such talents.

I can only imagine that the trip won’t be very amusing, considering that art supplies will be floating all around.

“As if drinking paint water instead of coffee wasn’t a good enough problem”, the painter would scoff. The dancer probably wouldn’t have as much of a problem with the dietary restrictions, considering that she is already experiencing them on Earth. The director would probably need WiFi, which…well, will not be available.

The point here is, surprisingly, not the week-long trip, but the experience and how it will change and inspire them in their respective fields.

The director realises that the graphics can never truly capture the beauty of space. He stands there looking at footage of a scene, and closes his eyes. He’s transported back to space. He now wants to ensure that everyone gets to see a glimpse of space. He’s going to work on making the scene as real as possible.


The painter is instantly mesmerized by the beauty of the moon and the galaxies, and desperately tries to capture it in her art. The number of colours that she uses is still nothing compared to the actuality. The substance in nothingness. How can she look and paint nothing yet everything, at the same time?







The Dancer is back in her studio, and as she’s dancing, she closes her eyes. She’s back in space, her body gliding weightlessly in the zero-gravity environment. Her movements feel effortless and elegant; her mind is clear. As she twirls, she sees the emptiness of the universe, but then comes the face of the moon. Apprehension and tranquillity coursing through her veins at the very same time. She imbibes that into her dance.







Can you imagine going to the moon, to spark your creative inspiration? Going to space and staring the moon in the face? Can you imagine the deafening sound of silence,as you stood there in front of the moon, and realised that you’ve never experienced beauty this way? Can you imagine, coming back home, looking to the sky and realising that you were there; wishing that you still were?

All this is baffling, unique and will probably have an AMAZING end result.


-Rimjhim Sayana, Amity International School, Noida


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