Humming and thumping,
Hoping to feel the vibration,
Hoping to feel something,
And, hearing that hope shattering.
My ears are powerless,
I’m programmed to respond to nothing.
The silence however,
isn’t unheard.
Not a day, nor a minute,
can I block out the deafening silence,
It makes my head pound,
It makes my heart wrench,
It makes me lonely,
It makes me unimportant.
Until I fall asleep,
For that is when I can hear everything,
I can hear the birds sing,
I can hear infants weep,
I can hear the laughter
I can hear even the ants speak.
For in dreams we enter,
a world that is our own.
Whatever we want,
Whatever we need,
Our deepest desires,
The secrets we keep.
And dreams silence,
what otherwise
silences me.


-Muskaan Saluja, Amity International School, Noida


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