Looking out the window,
Into the dark night,
I see a light–
Glowing bright and shiny,
Making the moon look tiny;
It’s walking towards me,
Coming nearer every second.

It takes my hand,
In its long shiny tentacles.
It pulls me,
It takes me in,
Into the velvety black shadows within.

I sense a figure approaching,
Its shroud of darkness, unlike the light.
Pirouetting despicably around me,
Coming nearer with every whirl,
Now so close, it merges with my body,
Lifting me off the ground,
It is breathing through my lungs.

A sweetheart flashes before my eyes,
She has golden brown hair,
And hazelnut eyes.
I hear a burst of sugary laughter,
The voice dripping with love,
Perfectly masking the sorrow inside.
The silvery white tentacles clasp me,
Sprinkling glitter with every movement,
I feel the darkness leaving me.

The angel tucks me back into bed;
Looking out the window,
Into the dark night,
I started counting the stars––
Until I realised,
I was the light.



-Aditi Banerji, Amity International School, Noida


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