It’s human tendency to feel everything deeply.
We love deeply, when we feel our love is ‘true’.
We hate immensely, when we dislike someone else’s point of view.
We laugh loudly when we love a joke, and when we understand the joke clearly.
We cry, when we feel immense pain either mentally, or physically.
We cannot communicate with our pets, but we still love and care for them, and these feelings are mutual. We cry when they suffer, they become sad when we are unwell, or not around.
We love our long distance friends immensely, even though we haven’t seen them in real life, or have ever been physically around them.
We sometimes love non-living things, like photographs, books and places that carry many memories.
We care deeply, we love deeply, we FEEL deeply, because this is a gift to all the living things to feel.
These are the extremities of being.
– Purvaa Shah, New Baldwin International School (Banaswadi), Bangalore

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