Trudging down the corridor that connected your formidable past and ominous future, images flooded your mind. Beads of trepidation rolled down your forehead and a flush coloured your cheeks. Emotions, foreign and unknown to you, were taking over your quivering soul.

The riveting memories of your family, soothing touches of your mother, and the delightful chuckle of your sister stood replaced by blood-curdling screams and a void stretching into oblivion. The colourful world full of buzz and desire now stripped of its harmony was full of the monotonous beeping from dismal creatures. The bright white light engulfing your peripheral vision reminded you that beyond these walls, your universe was taken over by soulless and unperturbed beings unaware of love and life, thriving off its batteries.

Cyborgs ruled your haven, only choosing to keep those utile to them and wiping out those deemed worthless. Standing in the middle of your euphoric past and agonizing future, you swore to make a difference. Making a silent pledge to your ‘humane’ ancestors of a zestful and promising tomorrow.


~Ramya Rajendran, Class-12, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, Chennai

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