Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself -Plato

Most of you would agree that the Yin and Yang more or less represent life. They represent a necessary balance that is present in every aspect of our world, be it nature, crime, humans, society, etc. But my philosophy regarding this is different.

The concept of Yin and Yang is very simple. Yang is light, with a small circle of darkness. Yin is dark, with a small circle of light. You could take it in other forms but they essentially mean the same. As I mentioned, they are about a balance, an unbreakable balance. Or is that so?

Well, you would occasionally say yes. Because if Yin starts expanding, Yang will automatically grow from within it and vice-versa. But, what if, Yin or Yang got a little bit smarter? What if they first expand into that circle? Then what will stop either of them from expanding more? In truth, nothing. (“This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” starts to play in the background.)

If this particular situation was realised, then either Yin or Yang will grow into the complete circle, with nothing that can stop them. But nature has another law, everything must be in a balance. Nothing, after a while, can remain out of balance and go unchecked. There is no possible way around that. So what will happen here? Will this law be broken? NO.

More appropriately, it can’t be broken. What will really happen is that Yang or Yin will completely take control of the circle. As soon as they complete it, something unknown will happen. Something disastrous. And the whole circle will convert to the other side- except a small dot. If it was Yin, then it will become Yang and vice-versa. And after this, slowly, the other side will start coming back and start taking control of the system, which would again result in the Yin and Yang as we know today. We can call this process another thing: Revolution. This is the reason why we can’t build a Utopia, or Dystopia.

“How does humanity relate to this?” some people may be asking.

I believe it is where humanity is heading. Believe it or not, the path we are currently heading towards is pure chaos (It might sound fun to some in that sense). The problem is that we just aren’t doing enough. We keep thinking about ourselves so much that we have completely left behind others. It’s a competition now, between everything. It’s like we are wearing lenses. And that we can’t even see what our friends want us to see. We can’t do what we need to do. We really need to start doing something. We need to take action, and platitudes of peace won’t cut it anymore.

Every year gets darker. In another couple of hundred years, the resource wars will begin, whose outcomes are unimaginable. It’s really sad how we, a society of “so-called intellectuals”, can’t keep our inflated egos aside to care for each other and our shared environment. We are nothing more than a dying race. And we can’t even see that. (Music Ends)  


~ Manogya Kabra, Amity International School, Noida 



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