If I were to talk about section 377, it would be nothing but a cluster of legalities and political priorities, added to which would be a dash of the so-called toxic-“against nature” ideologies.

I am not gay. But I am a human.

Therefore it is my affirmation that there is no other nature that’s not bonded by that of acceptance and kindness. If you are homophobic, it is completely understood– don’t like them but at least accept them, ’cause this is who they are. So don’t create a phobia for the ones who don’t have one, the phobia of being who they are.

Don’t marginalise them or attempt to make them resent who they are attracted to and whose hand they want to hold, cause this is who they are.

Open your eyes and you will have a glimpse of the epitome of non-acceptance, be it in the form of terrorist loathing the divinity of a Hindu, a mom aborting her female child simply because of its gender, a class picking up on someone skinny for something as simple as his malnourishment. This is not life, not what people want.

You want your authentic self? Then first start to see the authenticity of those who are not accepted by anyone, those who can’t love who they want to love, those who have to control who they are attracted to for the sake of society’s impetuosity. It is when you can deal with the uncomfortable that you actually become comfortable, it is when you deal with a struggle that you live simple, it is when you deal with anger that you can be patient.

You want to spread love? You want people to love each other, because humans are but a flesh of emotions solidified by their ideologies! Then for that, first deal with your own hatred. ‘Cause when you love someone you are risking – suicidal tendencies, heartbreak, philophobia, despair, fear of losing him/her, fear of ‘this’ and the risk of ‘that’, and the list goes on.

We know it takes courage. So visualize the courage– the strength it requires to know that you are a ‘sinner’, you are going against “the laws of nature”, you are about to be scrutinized and live a life of unacceptance– after knowing all that, you open up to the world. That is acceptable, this is self-love. Colton Haynes, Jeff Leatham, Troye Sivan, the list goes on and so does their life, as they embrace who they are- homosexual.

So accept them. If you can’t love them, cheer them on; it is completely fine, but just accept them for who they are. If not in the form of love, then in the form of respect because it is not easy being who they are. It is not easy walking up the street and avoid the stares. And so if I, a mere ‘straight’ child of 15 can accept them for who they are, I can attempt to promote a more open world, which will bring us closer, what’s stopping you?

‘Cause ladies and gentlemen THIS IS WHO THEY ARE, HELP THEM ON THEIR PATH TOWARDS ACCEPTANCE AND AUTHENTICITY. As they say one person at a time for a better world!

~ Vaishant Thakur, Amity International School, Noida


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