They go through a lot, no matter what

Their life is a beautiful blessing

But why call them delicate?

When stronger than a barricade,

Capabilities we keep guessing

If not nice, be fair with them,

Cut the lust, fall in love with them,

They’re powerful women, not afraid of men,

They go through a lot, have respect for them.

Periods- ‘They Who Must Not be Named’

An image he never wanted to gain,

An emotional trauma? Or a natural phenomenon?

Being taught undisturbed it should remain

But I don’t agree,

I’m really sorry,

Guess not having a grudge?

But when they’re raped, evidence is caped,

Was it worth having a judge?

Candles we light, a rape we grieve,

Cities we light, when brought to justice,

They never deserved this, nor do we deserve them,

A little too perfect for us…

~Shivam Joshi




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