Soul’s Voyage

You’re on a voyage to my soul

You’ve travelled my whole body,

You’ve been to each and every place,

You know all the whereabouts,

It’s as if you aren’t even a traveller anymore,

You have resided here,

And claimed that this body of mine

Belongs to you,

You think you own every inch of this land,

But let me tell you about that one place

You could never discover,

It was the road to my heart.


Heart’s Shelf 

When she thought she finally found true love,

She realized that she was just another uninteresting book

In the shelf of his heart,

Years went by,

She got buried in dust but she never left hope,

She knew that one day, one good day,

He’ll come and pick her out of the dirty shelf,

With unconditional love, he’ll clean her edges and read her,

Feel her words and realize his mistake of abandoning a bestseller.


Homely Healing

Hustling cities,

I look for peace

A sign of ease,

Or that flirty breeze

For the scent, I remember

Was of homely warmth,

Pastel yellow were those walls

Echoes of felicity that filled the halls,

Were a source of music for these ears

When tears flowed in heavy falls.

Ethnic birds, take me back,

I look for this and I look for that

Something of familiarity seems to lack.

This homesick spirit

Is a hindrance to remedying,

Every surrounding seems to be lying

For I am not at home,

Until this soul starts rectifying.


~Nashra Sehar, Class 11, Amity International School Noida




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