O the All-Knowing! Keeper of all information! Our Master, Our Teacher! O Google Baba, help us!

A family of four were dutifully worshipping Google baba, and were praying for a holiday spot like no other. After several offerings, they found the trip of their dreams, a trip to Switzerland. Satisfied with the fruit of their worship, the family packed their bags and boarded the flight to paradise.

The four of them stayed in a charming little chalet, snuggled amidst the Lauterbrunnen valley, where calm and serenity reigned, slightly marred by the sound of mountain trains passing by. As an added charm, the valley was home to several waterfalls, ideal for a picture postcard. They spent eight delicious days, roaming the cobbled streets, feasting on fondues, licking local ice creams, munching on giant choco-chip cookies and devouring delectable vegetarian cuisine.

An aerial view of the city of Bern

They travelled to the picturesque cities of Bern and Lucerne, where they soaked in the delightful sights all around them. Rivers gushing through the cities surrounded by quaint and vibrant houses cloaked in pleasant weather added to the experience. Aare Gorge was another unforgettable experience, where a man-made train tunnel took them smack under the mountain amidst nature. Suspended in the slow-moving gondola, surrounded by snowfall, to Mt. Pilatus was an enthralling journey. They were ecstatic to visit the majestic Jungfrau Glacier on its centennial year. The celebrations surrounding the cog wheel train had the glacier lit up with festivities. The younger lot had the time of their life visiting the ice sculpture exhibit, posing with their favourite Sherlock Holmes and engaging in a fun snowball fight.

As home-sweet-home beckoned, they departed with heavy hearts, lingering on the airport still, buying finger licking Sprunglii chocolates. Sitting in the flight, looking out the window, they found their minds wandering to all the places they visited, all the memories they made. Their eyes were shining with dreams, the dreams and aspirations born in La Suisse.

~Tanvi Jain, DPS Noida




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