The grass was a vivid green with the warm breeze constantly pushing my thin hair towards my face. The trees seemed to pleasingly harmonize producing a dulcet while I swayed leisurely on a swing tied from the tallest branch of the tree. It was as I somehow leaped into my dream; it was all so magical except that it was genuinely happening. This was my astounding summer.

It all started when I was eight. I was deranged about reading so I read every book my tiny hands came in contact with. Each story I read had taken place in different destinations and I being my inquisitive little self, wanted to visit each and every one of them. I made a list of the every destination the book took place in and intended on calling on as many as possible in the future. Since then, my father and I travel every summer to one of the sites in my list.


Well, one of those places was Flutterfield so that wasn’t incorporated. That summer I flew to Netherlands, the country of canals. ‘The Hole in the Dike’ retold by Norma Green, was one of the books I read as a child and it was set in the Netherlands. My father and I paid a visit to some of the most breathtaking settings in the country. Although I desired another journey, I also had a school to go to. I was so consumed by wanderlust that I wanted to do nothing but travel.

Every night, I wish upon a star to show me a dream with similar circumstances so I can leap into it once again.

~Tarusha Singh, Scottish High International School

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