If you ever were to come down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, besides seeing the beautiful Petronas Twin Towers, you need to go white water rafting at Slim River. About an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. It’s definitely the best way to wrap up your Malaysia trip.

When I booked my session for the next day, I was excited to the point I couldn’t sleep at night. When it was time to get into the rafts and start paddling away, I was so nervous and all my irrational fears started to creep in like, “What if I actually die?” or “What if I break my teeth?”. Well these things will never happen because Projek Outdoor, the organizers of this activity were very responsible and they always made sure that I was safe and comfortable throughout the session, and I am not saying this because I have to but because they were truly friendly and helpful.

A plunge into the river

There will be someone who will film videos of you and your gang having the best time in the river. The journey throughout the river is approximately 7km. I couldn’t stop laughing when my cousin sister, who was on the raft with me, fell into the water. Well, if you do fall into the water, first, everyone will start laughing and second, don’t worry you will be safe because you will be taught to hold on to the rope surrounding the raft and the river guides will pull you into the raft. I actually fell into the water two times but it wasn’t caught on camera!

The one thing I appreciated a lot was the scenery. Being a city girl, I’ve never really had the chance to enjoy my country’s nature. Overall, the experience was amazing. I wish I could I do all over again for the first time to feel the thrill and adrenaline rush I once felt.

White Water Rafting

Venue: Kampung Ulu Slim, Slim River, Perak, Malaysia

Intensity Level: Ranging from Class ll to III rapids (suitable for beginners)

Duration: 5 ½ hours

Cost: RM180 (3055 Indian Rupees) per person including snacks and bottle of water.

To book a session, visit www.facebook.com/projekoutdoor/

Things to know:

Helmet, paddles and flotation devices are provided.

It is advisable to use active wear for the session. Do bring a spare set of clothes so that you can change out of your wet gear later.

Wear either strap sandals, shoes. It is advisable to not wear slippers for safety sake and also your slippers might float away in the running stream.

As this is an extreme sport, it is not recommended for young children, pregnant women and the elderly.

~S. Kashinee Malar, Kuen Cheng High School, Malaysia


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