It was an era when arms really revealed fates. They declared the moment of your end, the moment where your fragile self would cease to exist. Yet, as they say, love always finds a way.

June 23, 1985, was the day my journey began. Blood gushed just beneath the surface of my skin, in the veins of my right handa symbol of life in stark contrast to the words etched upon skin itself: 5:36 pm, August 23, 1985. That was, indeed, the time I would meet my end.

Knowing the time you would breathe your last seemed troublesome to many, but to me, it was an opportunity to convince myself to do everything I ever wanted to. I dropped everything that was scheduled to be done, booked my tickets and went on a journey to pursue happiness. I travelled all the places I had ever wanted tomost importantly, Paris, The City of Love. I travelled across the length and breadth of Europe, starting from Spain to Greece to London and finally, my journey had led me to Paris.

Somewhere, I hoped on this journey that I will be able to meet someone who could make me feel whole. Probably at a quaint coffee house in Spain, or maybe I would crash into him on a beach somewhere, just as the waves would be crashing on to me. Perhaps, it would be in Greece that I’d run into my beautiful strangeror could it be somewhere near the Royal Palace in London that I would finally meet my Prince Charming? My fantasies ran wild but destiny had its own plans, I suppose.

July 30 it was, disappointed and yet kindling faint embers of hope, I took my last flight to Paris. Walking down the gorgeous Love Lock bridge, my eyes met the pair of deep blue eyes I’d been searching for. They had depth and were familiar. His face, although not facing mine, was glistening with a gorgeous smile. It reflected beauty in more ways than one could possibly imagine. 5’6, stood my dream, one I was fortunate enough to be seeing with open eyes. My left hand’s vein emitted the frequency of my heartbeat and so I knew, he was the one.

He turned and looked at me, and I let out an involuntary gasp. It was Chris. The one I fell for in High School, who still held a cherished haven in my heart. We approached each other and the frequency of each of our heartbeats grew stronger. In most cases, the moment of love is highly emotional, but to us, it was hysterical! We never knew that fate would converge our paths again. Significantly, the time and day of his death were similar to mine. For a lucky few, the clock of death gets delayed by years when they find a purpose strong enough to will their bodies to live longer. Hence, we hoped the same would happen with us too. We approached the locks and fixed one on the bridge in reminiscence of our past love and as a promise for the future. As we locked our love and our combined desire to live together, we unlocked our predetermined time too.

We turned out to be the lucky few who got to live with each other a little longer. And certainly, that little while was all I needed to feel a lot less hollow.



By Gaurika Wahal, Amity International School, Noida



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