Feared by most,
Loved by a few.
Many view it as a ghost,
And the others view it as the morning dew.

Never has it paused to catch its breath,
Never has it held back for a friend.
Never has it stood by to pay its condolences on someone’s death,
Never has it thought of coming to an end.

Some run along its side
The others try to catch up.
Some look up to it with pride,
Some let it go like wasted tea in a cup.

It’s as sweet as pie,
As sour as lime.
No complains no cries
The world calls it time.


By Tarusha Singh

Class 9

Scottish High International School




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  1. You really grown up not a kid anymore, liked the way u used phrases in poem, at such a age u summed up meaning of such a beautiful word. Really mind blowing, outstanding, fabulous,.

  2. I am so so happy to read this beautiful composition and am extremely proud too. It effects the beautiful person that you are and the immense potential you have to make this world a much better place.keep going .. you will touch the sky

  3. Tarusha Singh,
    What a mature thought in such a early age,and so beautifully written, it reflects who you are, be always like that keep writing, keep inspiring others.
    Best wishes
    Yashi shukla

    Yashi Shukla

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