Time heals | The Stages of Grief – Rhea Gupta

Stage 1:
Your breakfast seems to remain untouched every morning
You probably eat on the way to work
I wait for a kiss now and then
that I somehow am not able to feel
You somehow seem to leave before I wake up and come back only after I sleep?
It’s like you have left me
But you would never do that, would you?

Stage 2
Why are you not home yet!
I want to see you
You should stop working overtime
Can you stop avoiding me?
I feel lonely
I need you to be beside me
I think I am going insane
Can you fucking come back to me?

Stage 3
I am ready to change for you
I am ready to be more caring
To give you all my time
I will do what you want
Please come back to me
I will change
We will change
We can fix this
We can’t leave it broken like this…

Stage 4
I can’t breathe without you
I can’t dream without you
I can’t seem to live without you
Please come back
I try to relieve my heart of some of the pain
My vases are broken
My wrists are slit
My cheeks are tear stricken
And you are still not here

Stage 5
I got up from the bed today
Cleaned myself and my room
I promised to be something in life
Today I leave the shadow I was
I am free now
And now,
I shall be someone without you

~Rhea Gupta, 12th grade, Shiv Nadar School, Noida


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