Music is like the cure to every single ailment out in the world. It gives us serenity and refreshes us completely. It is the messenger of our heart and soul.

My music journey began a long time ago, before I could even grasp what was all around me. I started to learn classical Hindi music at the age of seven. It was a new experience for me.

I remember that I had stage fright, REAL bad stage fright, which made me feel anxious and worried about how I would perform. But I generated my inner patronus– my passion for music– and everything seemed alright. It was my first performance on the stage.

When I got promoted to the sixth standard, my friends suggested a few English songs to me. To start with, like everyone else, I listened to Taylor Swift. Her ‘You Belong With Me’ boomed in my mind like an anthem.

Gradually, my taste in music evolved from country to pop to emo rock and alternative rock. I practised a lot to perform like a ‘cool’ singer, basically. I have worked a lot with my school choir and I have enjoyed a lot of memorable melodious moments.

I have come far from the nervous kid before her first appearance on stage, and now, I have a long way to go.

Enjoy Shambhavi’s cover of the iconic Britney Spear’s hit ‘Toxic’:

  I like this!

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