It’s when you’re caught up in your own thought’s cage,

They say you’re too young to be depressed and maybe this is just a phase

You die a little inside,

Not knowing what to do,

Whom to talk to

Oh! Its like a never ending flu

You cry in the warmth of your pillow, hiding at the back of the door,

It feels like you’re captured,

You feel like you can’t take it anymore

All you think about

“They tease me” “they hurt me” “they scar me”,

What have I done? Why can’t I be free?

You question yourself

Dont think about people

Because saying is all they can do

Be strong

And don’t let all the negativity reach you

Do whatever you want, wear whatever you want,

Go slap the one that teased you  or wear that short dress

My friend, you too, will be away from all the stress

Look at the sun, it shines so bright

It shines for you my darling

Let there be happiness, let there be light

Because you, you can and you will win this fight

  I like this!

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