A suicide is all it takes for people to realise that they miss or care for that person. The mere existence of this shows that we don’t care enough.

But why don’t we?

Because we don’t know what everyone’s going through. We don’t know anything about them.

And how will we know?

By talking and listening to them.

A harsh word directed towards them counts as a cut on their wrists. Every time we say something hurtful to them, it kills them bit by bit. They– we– drown ourselves in fandoms, books, and fictional worlds, hoping to survive, to find a world where we’re accepted and a community who understands us. They attach themselves to people who they know won’t let them down.

So that’s how they exist.

And I do too. Those who are unsuccessful are left behind, but the rest of us fight, fall down, then get up and conquer. Believe me, we are a mess but we clean it up ourselves. So don’t keep preaching at us to love ourselves because we don’t and will never fully do so.

Just listen to us.

Hear us out.

Don’t try to love us out of pity, because we will never be up to your expectations and you will eventually become like us, the mistake of our humanity.

Even if you don’t understand us, try to accept and respect all of us for having the courage to exist. 

  I like this!


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