There was something not quite right about the window. The iron pane was rusting and the glass was cracked. Its arch looked like the curve of a sad face. Its appearance was such that, it seemed that the window was hiding some mystery.

I took four steps and heard a creaking sound beneath me. The house was old and full of secrets. I touched the cold iron frame of the window with sweaty fingers and suddenly, felt a change come over my body. It was weird as I could not feel the ground underneath me. It was a zero-gravity moment and all I could see around me were big stars- blue and shimmery but with a peculiar haunt.

I twirled and somersaulted everywhere, to eventually, bang into a hard surface. After gaining my consciousness I rose my eyes to see a big tunnel just lying ahead of me.

Bounded by curiosity and fear, I stepped inside. It was a dark and dingy place. I started walking, and walked for hours- the tunnel didn’t seem to end!

Now, I became anxious…Where would the tunnel lead me? What am I going to face? – the wrath of nature or ghostly ghosts?

Lost in these thoughts of mine I apparently came across a fork in the road. Two roads diverged before me. I was confused as the paths were full of ambiguity. The feeling of utter dejection and dismay became stronger in me. The signboard on one read, “Sugar Coated Lies” and the other was just the opposite- ” The Dark and Blunt Truth”. I was in sheer dilemma. Which one was I supposed to choose?

After much thought I set my foot on the latter, neglecting the consequences of my decision. Having travelled this far, I wanted to raise the curtain off all the mysteries; I wanted the truth – and just the blunt truth.

  I like this!


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