If you are under the misconception that you are the only one who thinks that school sucks or makes no sense, not to worry dear reader, you’re not alone!

Of course, there are positive things about going to school. Meeting classmates and friends, picnics, looting the canteen, bunking, being punished with your best friend, and so ra…on are the memories that people cherish after they have completed schooling. Yet, while we’re still part of the system, here are 5 things that almost all of us hate about school.


Completely useless isn’t it? After an hour of algebra class, the only thing that your brain wants to shout out is “Move on dude! Your x ain’t coming back, she’s gone!”

If you ask a vendor about the price of 1kg onions, does he tell you, “The price of 1kg of onions is the reciprocal of twice the product of carrots and cucumbers. If the cost of 1kg carrots is a 2 digit number, the numbers when interchanged are the cost of cucumbers for 1kg. The sum of the cost of carrots and cucumber per kg is Rs.220 and their difference is Rs.35. Find the cost of onions.”? Or is your friend going to create an entire puzzle for you using different ages of his family members to tell you his age? See, no sense at all! Next time you want to keep an idiot busy, try giving them an algebraic equation to solve and you’re done!


Bunking is fun, of course. But when you’ve got to pee, you’ve got to pee. Jokes apart now, serious talk. Every student knows what it takes to convince the teacher when you have to go to the washroom during a class. There would be a constant repetition of “No”s but you don’t give up (well, you can’t give up) until you have convinced the teacher that you actually have to go to the washroom and are not going to bunk the class. Seriously, bunking made days tough not only for the ‘bunkers’, but for everyone!

WARNING FOR ALL STUDENTS: Doesn’t matter whether you are a ‘bunker’ or a sincere student, unless you are the teacher’s favourite avoid asking about using the washroom during the period. Learn to hold it!


Ah, recess. The name itself is so satisfying. It is the only time in the day you could get away from your studies and hang-out with your friends, relax, and get some food into your body. But, you can’t pull off everything that you want to in just 30 minutes. Here’s a helpful timeline:

STEP 1: Beg your teacher to teach the rest the next day or give it as homework just to make her leave. (5 minutes wasted, sometimes 10 minutes)

STEP 2: Run to the washroom to pee, because remember? You don’t get to pee before or after that. Then you’ve got to stand in the line if there are more people like you, who had to hold it all along. Finally when you have done peeing you rush back to your class. (10 minutes gone)

STEP 3: Take out your lunch box and eat, eat, eat, eat and EAT! Finally, you’ve finished the food you have. PLUS POINT: If you have got any sort of junk food, your classmates will surely help you finish it quicker. ( 15 minutes gone, if your classmates helped, then 10 minutes gone)

STEP 4: If you have time left, you can go and hang-out with your friends. If not, hard luck! (5 minutes gone)

*Step 4 is the most important and the desperately needed step which can only be accomplished if your friends help you finish your lunch.

EXPERT ADVICE: Get good food!


Truly, they are useless. Some projects don’t carry marks and are easy to get away with. But, the ones which do, are nightmares. You have no option but to finish that stupid project and submit it. Making models, charts and project files is part of doing projects which are returned to us with a small ‘tick’, the teacher’s sign, and a grade. A whole week’s struggle for a mere grade? Not worth it.


How can we forget exams?! The worst memory of school. Exam time, in other words, could be referred as pressure/ stress/ anxiety/ depression time. The time when you mug-up the entire years’ syllabus and just vomit it into the paper, that is exam time. The entire concept of having exams is to make the students learn the things that were taught in class (Exactly. We need to be forced to do so). But what happens is that we tend to forget every single thing that we learnt for the exam! And anyway, how is the fact that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell going to help us later in life? The basic conclusion that we can draw from this is that ‘Exams are completely useless’. They are meant to stress us up. But there is no escape my friend, this is a situation where all doors close except one: the door to the examination hall.

These are 5 things that I hate about school. There are many more, but there are even more reasons to love school. As all elders say, “Just a few more years and you will be done, then you can enjoy”. Well, we are never done actually. We have loads to do after school and that is the time we miss school the most. That is the time when you feel that schooling did have a few problems but it did, indeed, leave you with the best memories of your life.

Picture Credits : Aryaman Trivedi

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