Don’t let the poster confuse you. The protagonist of this TV Series is no more angsty or Batman-ish than Dean from Supernatural.

Genre: Cop | Fantasy

Plot: Nick Burnhardt is a Grimm. Like the brothers Grimm. But they weren’t actually Grimms. Uh, it is confusing. Forget I said that.

As a Grimm, Nick can see what others can’t: monsters. But all monsters aren’t necessarily bad, as Grimm finds out. Assisting Grimm, is Monroe, a ‘Blutbad’ or ‘Werewolf’, as we non-Grimms like to call it.

Nick, before realizing he is a Grimm and what being one entails is visited by his Aunt Marie. Marie conveniently dies leaving Nick with more questions than answers. From there on, each episode is stand-alone, with minor plot advancements.

Review: The first season starts off slow, and one may feel bored with cute, lovable Nick trying to wrap his Grimm head around grim (yes, I went there) circumstances. However, from the second season on, the series gains an actual and (mostly) coherent plot. Every monster from popular folk tales is present, and apparently, every animal has a Wesen (basically, monster) version. The actual monsters are 6~7 out of 10 CGI, enough to get you involved, but not enough to be scary. Not that the show tries to be scary. In fact, it seems to strive to be funny, with a certain officer repeatedly making the worst puns ever. Those puns that the officer mad me want to have cancer and die (no they didn’t, but exaggeration is the name of the game).

Overall, I would recommend this series to someone who has just finished watching Sherlock and wants something to cool off with.

  I like this!