Take a look outside your window. If you live in a metropolitan city, you can probably see (and hear) vehicles of all manner and colour being driven/ridden (don’t forget the bullock carts!).

India is infamous for its roads jampacked with cars, hawkers, cars, blocked drains, cars, rickshaws, and some more cars, then some more cars, and finally, a car.

The vehicles that grace the road are of many kinds, and I’m not just talking about the Audis and the Mercedes and the Chevrolets. There

are cows, horses, auto-rickshaws (with those weird honky balloons). All in all, it is one of the most diverse country transportation-wise.

In many ways, these automobiles reflect the freedom of the Indian folk.


They walk and hawk, and they crowd into rickshaws. This mirrors the condition of the poor, whom’st abode is congested with the human populace. Owing to social stigma, they are forced to relocate and stay with their in-laws. The absence of a proficient law enforcement agency *ominous sounds build up* does not help.

The poor have to travel on such swarming roads. This is analogous to how even though every hominid is free, their place of birth, parents’ occupations, and a multitude of other factors determine their role in life.


They ride in air-conditioned cars. They live a life of moderate luxury. They have close-knit communities in their gated neighbourhoods. The fine people of this confederacy are most likely to be seen riding in Maruti Dzires and Swifts. The slightly upper middle-class can be seen in Honda Citys.

Ignore those people in the car

The middle-class can just as easy become part of the poor as they can the rich. They are the balance between the Richie Riches and the Poor Pauls. They have true freedom. They can be and do whatever they want in life. They have the freedom to become a carpenter, or a decorator.


They travel in flashy cars, and loud motorbikes, attracting attention towards themselves. Rich people have worked for their riches. However, their smarmy offspring like to get noticed and thus have the following kinds of bikes,

meant specifically to be loud.

How Arrogant.

This is akin to the amount of freedom and yet insecurities they have.

  I like this!