i hope you don’t see me – Ahlaam Rafiq

I want to walk in the waters

Without hiding my body

I want to sunbathe on the sands

Without having to worry

About the fabric that embraces me

From tip to toe,

Sometimes I see other girls and desire

To walk in the streets in shorts

Does showing my legs so readily imply

I’m selling them to passersby?

I’d like to bare my navel

And feel sunshine on my knees

I want a skirt to flow around me

Peeking air between my thighs

Tanned drenched kissed, I lust

To stop hiding myself

Covered myself up for so long

I sometimes forget what I look like

I wonder who I am.






Image Credit: Pixabay

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  1. Ahlaam this is fabulous.. each word holds its true existence and not just there to enhance the poem or make if more attractive.. applaudable loveeeeā¤

    Ishita Pandey

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