Freedom…what exactly is it?

The textbook definition would probably be along the lines of ‘being at one’s own will’ or something similar. And we’re told time and again that it’s a free world we live in now. But is it really?

Yes, wars have been fought and won over freedom but who exactly were we fighting against? Oppressors? Is that the word you would use? If yes, then don’t you think that the war isn’t over yet? If you honestly believe that it is, then congratulations. Your spirit has been successfully oppressed.

At this point of time, we’re all angsty teenagers at different levels of maturity. Some of us have already gotten used to the idea of society, adopted it and decided to adapt to it. They’re the ones that have shied away from their dreams and gotten used to the idea of what is called ‘reality’. I call them ‘The Realist Group’.

Then there’s the group that hasn’t yet come to terms with the fact that the safe little high school bubble is about to break soon, and still maintain a distinct level of naivety. They’re the ones that quote and believe in classic R&B music and trendy status updates. I like to call them ‘The Disney Group’. As in the group that still hasn’t met with the harsh and fake ideologies of the big bad world and live in La La Land. ‘My life, my rules’ and everything.

And that sums it up. Us. Generation Z. The so called Global Generation, scorned by those before us for our narcissism and entitlement. We’re the most dysfunctional generation yet. Maybe its because we grew up with GPS and autocorrect, or maybe its because we’re the first generation where every kid is appreciated just for showing up. But I feel the reason we are termed as ‘dysfunctional’ goes beyond that.

Society. The one concept we’re all so used to has proven time and again just how much it hates change of any sort. And maybe that’s the reason we are detested so. We’re the first of our kind who grew up with our new ideas actually listened to at every point. We question everything and we’re answered by elders. We have our parents to thank for that. We are encouraged at every instance and that has led us to believe that we could be the change. And of course our society hates that. Society is all about freedom, as long as it’s on its terms.

The moment you decide you do not want to live the classic life and choose to be different, you’re shunned and looked down upon. Just the slightest indication that you might be a disturbance to their routine perfectionists and you’re immediately labelled an outcast. Fake sympathies and condescending words of encouragement are your lifelong companion.

So yes, we might legally and technically be free but we’re still slaves. Think of every ten year old that came home with an average maths score and was immediately shoved into tuition. Think of every thirteen year old that wanted to pursue arts but couldn’t because it’s for the ‘weak’. Think of every college student that even considered ending their lives because it was just too damn much to take. And then think of the first moment you realized that the world you grew up believing as limiltless and wonderful, was just a recycled, more polite version of what history books tell us it used to be.

And then think if that’s really freedom.



Image Credit : Pixabay

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